Construction event planning

Where to start? Events is a broad term. We could be planning and managing an event for a small group of your most sought-after customers, or hosting a stage at a huge industry exhibition. The need-to-know for you is, we can do events, and we can do them well.

Events are often dismissed as too expensive, but if you do it right, they can result in a huge number of enquiries and become a very profitable activity. Rather than just a day out and an opportunity to talk about yourself all day, the process of event planning and management takes time and a lot of effort both in advance, and after the last guest has left the building. Want some help with that? You’ve turned to the right team.

What is an event planner?

An event planner is responsible for organising and coordinating an event, which includes handling the logistics, monitoring budgets, negotiating with suppliers and venues, overseeing the set up, and supporting during the event itself. Event planners are go-getters, highly organised and obsessed with the details – just like us!

The different types of events

Events can come in two formats, particularly since COVID-19:

Digital, online, and virtual

Held online, these events allow attendance from your very own home thanks to clever video software. You may see these described as a webinar, virtual event, or a livestream. They’re convenient, have far lower costs attached, and can be attended by pretty much anyone.

In person

There’s nothing quite like getting together in person, so these more traditional events see attendees travelling to a central location.

Why are events important?

Events are important on both a social and professional level, fostering relationships, inspiring attendees, and facilitating fun too. In a marketing sense, events can really get your name out there, and ensure you remain memorable in the minds of all those that attend.

What are the benefits of an event for your construction company?

The benefits of an event depend on the type that you’re holding:

The benefits of virtual events

Accessibility and reach

In-person attendance can be a barrier physically and geographically, whereas virtual events require no travel on the attendees’ part, opening the reach of your event and encouraging a more diverse audience.

Lower costs

With no room hire, food considerations, or signage to spend your money on, virtual events make fantastic financial sense.


In-person events are limited by the capacity of the venue, and the logistics required to ensure everyone remains safe and well catered for; virtual events don’t have those hard parameters.

Lower environmental impact

The rubbish, fuel consumption, and large-scale energy use generated by an in-person event is greatly reduced when you move that event online.

No weather dependency

Forget getting rained off or having empty seats due to weather disruption; your virtual event can go ahead whatever’s happening outside.

The benefits of in person events

Better connections

Nothing really beats meeting and networking in person, with an easy exchange of contact details and a greater chance of really hitting it off. You’re also able to gauge opportunities much better in person and react to the response that you’re getting.

Lasting memories

From giving out merch to making an impact with impassioned speeches and demonstrations with the wow factor, in-person events can really lodge you in the minds of those that attend.

A closer team

Involving your brand in an in-person event can really bring your team together, and give them a sense of pride at having represented the business and made some key connections.

Less reliance on technology

Yes, it’s a nightmare if the PA system calls it a day, or a screen isn’t quite working as it should, but could a technological difficulty take your whole event down? It’s the risk you run with virtual events, but those face-to-face interactions won’t be hampered by misbehaving tech.

A break from the everyday

We all spend so much time behind our screens, an in-person event is a welcome break from desks, phones, and TVs.

How we handle construction industry events planning

We take a thorough approach to your construction event planning, from advising you on venues and suppliers, to helping prepare your reps, plan your schedule, and generally pack a real punch.

At The Digital Lookout, we know that the success of construction events hinges on the build-up as well as the prep; through creating content and online tools, we engage your audience early, drumming up excitement and getting a hard yes from everyone you invite.

We’ll help you make the most of the follow up on your construction networking event too, making sure you’ve got the tools available to capture contact details and make the next move. Business cards and clipboards are so ‘90s!

Why choose Digital Lookout?

If there’s one thing we’ve got in abundance, it’s personality, which means we know how to make yours shine through to win over clients and customers at events. We’ve been involved in countless events, both virtual and large scale in-person occasions, which means that from research and planning through to production and execution, we know how to make noise and get people talking about you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not sold on holding an event – will it really benefit me? 

We’re a straight-up kind of bunch, so we’ll sit down with you and have an honest chat about the kind of event that would benefit your business. Chances are that there’s an event format out there that you may not have even considered.

Do I need an event planner for my construction event? 

If you fancy juggling budgets, talking to suppliers, taking time out to complete the set up, and generating marketing material alongside your day job, then probably not, but if you’d like your event to be professional and avoid the temptation to tear your hair out, then an event planner is for you.

How much does it cost for you to help with my event? 

This will depend on the size of your event, the collateral you need, and how much of the planning you require us to do. We’ll provide a bespoke quote based on your needs.

When should we involve an event planner? 

Pretty much as soon as you’ve qualified that the event idea in your head has legs! The sooner we know about your plans, the better we can make your event.

Can you promote my event on social media? 

We can – socials are a particular area of expertise for us, so leave it with us, and we’ll put your event in front of people who’ll want to come.

Can you help with PR around my event? 

Yep, we can do that too – our PR team can make your event a story with staying power.

Will email campaigns around my event work? 

Yes, email marketing campaigns can be super helpful for events, including those in the construction industry; we can help you make the most of reaching inboxes directly.

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