Bid writing and tender support

Whether you need standard content for selection questionnaires (PQQs), bespoke responses to tender requests, updated policies, supporting information, presentations or proposals, we understand how time consuming putting a bid and/or tender package together can be.

You need to stand out from other submissions: it needs to showcase your business in all its glory as well as meet the criteria for the project, whether that be net zero targets, programme timelines or social value ratings. By taking the time to ensure you’re talking about the needs of the client and by showcasing your experience of dealing with those needs, your bid/tender should instil confidence in the client.

For us, being asked to bid/tender is the first part of the sales process. You’ve got this far, don’t let it come crashing down now.

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82% of our clients have come to us from another marketing agency because, and we quote, ‘generic marketing agencies don’t get construction’.

As a construction marketing agency we fully understand the construction industry and our know-how, industry insights, and expertise can help you attract leads from the people you want to work with.

We’re straight-shooting, results-gaining, construction marketing know-it-alls who can help take your online presence to the next level. Let’s have a chat.