Who needs digital marketing?

09 Jul 2021  |  News
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First, let’s set out what digital marketing actually is. It’s still marketing, as you know it. It’s still promoting your brand and product, but it’s how we can do it in the digital age (which started around 1980) that makes it different. It’s not the choice of medium or channel itself, it’s the tools and information we have available to us in the 21st century that define it. More importantly, the advancements being made due to technology, enable us to deliver better marketing. That’s digital marketing, and we are big fans of what it can do!

Prior to 1980 and the introduction of the internet (for those who weren’t around then), technology in marketing was simply in how it was delivered, by advertising on TV and radio.

In this bright new digital world we live in, thanks to advancements in technology, we now have proof of engagement for our marketing efforts. We’re not just crossing our fingers and hoping that viewers or listeners will act on our messages. The internet and e-commerce provide us with big, no, HUGE opportunities through data, software and reporting. We now know, we don’t just hope! We see them come, we see them click and we (in some cases) we know what they’re looking for. The term Big Brother is seen as negative by many, but to us marketeers, he’s a huge support, guiding us as to where we spend our budgets. The likes of GDPR and cookie laws now ensure Big Brother isn’t a stalker or a bully, he’s simply saving consumers time, and advertisers money. As respectful and considerate marketeers, we’re in our element.

The constantly developing landscape of marketing in the digital age is exciting for those of us up to our knees in it day-to-day, but overwhelming for those who don’t have the time to get involved. You know you need marketing, but what kind, and how will you know what works?

Unfortunately, investing in marketing to grow your business isn’t as simple as freeing up 3-5% of your turnover (the industry considered minimum). If only you could press that magical marketing button and see results in return for that 3-5%, that would be great. But it doesn’t work that way. All too often we’ve seen businesses throwing a lot of expensive marketing mud at the wall to see what sticks.

What we promote, is a business bespoke approach. Through thorough investigation of your position and market, we can then cherry pick the right mediums, channels and appropriate investment levels for your business to see the return. And only then, using that initial research, ongoing analysis and a considered strategic approach, tailored to your customers wants and needs, will your marketing investment really give you something back.

The digital world in which we live in ensures we can deliver awesome marketing, and prove it works. Marketing, if done right, will bring you leads.

In answer to the original question, do you need digital marketing? Damn right you do!

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