Market performance management

Here at Digital Lookout, we get particularly excited about the level of information available to us when it comes to your website’s visitors, how they behave and what that tells us. It’s like being a fly on the wall! We refer to this as performance management, a key part of your marketing strategy that helps inform the way you reach your customers.

What is performance management in the construction industry?

Performance management involves keeping a beady eye on your marketing channels to track and analyse how many people they’re reaching, how users interact with them, and how they could be working harder for you. It means getting stuck into the data behind your website, social media accounts and more to gain real insight into the performance of your marketing efforts that can better inform your offerings, your customer service, and your marketing strategy itself.

How important is performance management?

Performance management is crucial – otherwise you’re working blind. From the effective allocation of time and budget to optimising brand messaging, understanding how users interact with your brand online is instrumental in improving ROI and increasing awareness of your construction business.

What are the benefits of performance management for construction companies?

Reaches more people

Ultimately, performance management allows the improvement of your marketing strategy that will create opportunities for more people to discover your brand, and invest their money.

Increases ROI

Putting budget behind campaigns that convert on channels that work is what will reap the rewards for your construction brand, but without the direction that data can produce, ROI is limited. Knowing the stats means that money can be well spent.

Saves wasted time and money

Analytics tools allow us to understand quickly when something’s not working, and remove budget and time allocation accordingly.

Provides clearer KPIs

Marketing metrics let you know at a glance when targets are being met, giving everyone something to aim for.

What are the key components of our performance management process?

Performance monitoring

In accordance with the services we’re providing for you, we’ll keep track of what we’re doing, and regularly reflect on the progress it’s made towards your marketing goals. We use recognised analytics tools to get the most recent data and compare it month on month, and year on year.


It’s all very well getting the numbers, but what do they mean? We’ll take the time to understand what this data tells us about what’s working and what isn’t as part of a digital marketing report, using a big-picture approach to the ecosystem of your marketing as a whole, as well as drilling down on a granular level.

With the information we’ve gathered, we can then share it with you so that not only can we make improvements to our strategy on your behalf, but you can use the valuable insights into how your audience interacts with your construction brand to improve your offerings.

Why choose Digital Lookout?

Digital Lookout’s marketing efforts, which are designed to drive people to your website, can be quantified, and the performance of your website itself can be qualified. We take pride in seeing that our goals are being met, that things are going to plan, and that people are finding what they need to when in ‘buying mode’.

We believe in constant development and improvements being made, driven by your target audience’s behaviour, as well as keeping up with the latest developments in the way people use the internet and Google’s algorithms in response to this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you break down performance management data so it’s easily understandable?

Yes – we evaluate and report back on how what we’ve done has performed for your business in digestible language.

Will we receive marketing reports from Digital Lookout?

You will – it’s important to us that you know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what effect it’s having.

Can you help with sales and revenue analytics?

As well as providing marketing performance reports, we’re proud to take the guesswork out of your sales performance, which is where our sales analysis comes in.

How does specialising in construction improve your performance management strategies?

Having experience within our niche means that we don’t waste time on trial and error – whilst testing is a big part of what we do, we can recognise what’s likely to work from the outset, which increases our chances of tracking a trajectory that goes up and up.

What construction brands do you work with?

We’re proud to work across the supply chain, from architects and consultants to contractors, subcontractors and building services.

Can you conduct competitor analysis?

Yes, we can – it’s important to know who we’re up against so we can help you come out on top!

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