ROI management

We get it. You may know you need marketing, but in our experience it’s an investment most businesses begrudge, because all too often, you can’t quantify any tangible results from it. It’s all well and good looking pretty (in a brand sense) but a pretty face will only get you so far. That’s where we make a point of being different. If we can’t prove it’s bringing in more business for you, we don’t do it; that’s what we mean by ROI analysis.

Marketing should increase your sales performance and turnover. We care about the results we deliver. If you trust our recommendations and get on board with our processes, we guarantee you’ll see results beyond your investment.

What is ROI?

This is the holy grail for most clients when they consider marketing: ‘show me what I’ve spent my money on.’ A return on investment is the money you’ve made once you’ve accounted for the cost of the ‘thing’ that prompted the sales.

As an example, return on investment would be the money made from the conversions of users that landed on your site as a result of a paid social media marketing campaign, once you’ve taken into account the budget spent on pushing those ads onto feeds.

Why is ROI important?

ROI is important because it shows clearly what is working and what’s not. In a world where every brand is trying to avoid wasting a single penny on marketing that’s getting lost amongst the noise, ROI can indicate where budget is best spent in marketing strategies going forward, leading to more effective campaigns, and therefore more revenue.

What are the benefits of return on investment management?

Confidence in your marketing efforts

Knowing that what you’re putting time and energy into is likely to work allows you to put your weight behind it, and work it into marketing strategies without too much risk of falling foul of trial and error.

A clearer strategy

This is something an entire marketing team can follow, knowing what metrics they’re measuring and how to achieve them, thanks to ROI analysis of campaigns gone by.

Budget management

We know that in construction, you live and breathe the budgets, so knowing that you can squeeze revenue out of every part of your marketing allocation enables you to justify the spend.

How do we calculate your ROI?

We use the marketing metrics on analytics software to track where users have arrived on your website from, and analyse how they converted. This allows us to work out how many conversions we’ve achieved through our marketing efforts, and focus our attention on ways we can make the number of conversions increase even more.

What are the challenges in calculating ROI?

When it comes to parting with hard earned cash, we’re not always convinced the first time around, and they say it takes several ‘touches’ with a brand before deciding to commit to a purchase (this has famously been suggested to be 7). Therefore, a certain campaign may be responsible for first making a customer aware of you, but they may not decide to invest in your products or services until much later, making the return on investment harder to track.

Why choose Digital Lookout for return on investment analysis?

We pride ourselves on being transparent with our construction clients, and that includes the direct results of their marketing spend – both on us, and any budget they put behind campaigns. That’s why we build ROI reporting into our client communication, to keep us accountable and to show you exactly what you’ve spent your money on, and what results it’s having. We’re a friendly team with years in the business, so you can expect us not only to be upfront about ROI, but to maximise it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of marketing ROI is there?

Marketing ROI can include revenue and bookings, engagement duration, customer lifetime value, sales cycle days, and cost per acquisition.

How is ROI presented in return on investment reporting?

ROI is presented as a ratio or a percentage, so, for example, for £5 earned from £1 spent, you’re looking at 5:1, or 400% ROI.

How long does it take to see ROI?

This is a how-long-is-a-piece-of-string kind of question, and it will depend on the kind of marketing we’re doing. However, we’d be pleased to see results beginning to become clear in three months or so.

What are the quickest marketing channels for showing ROI?

Social media marketing is a great example of how you can see ROI quickly, with ads that can go live swiftly, and direct conversion tracking available.

What are the slowest marketing channels for showing ROI?

SEO is a slow burn but a rewarding one, with organic search results generating a large portion of web traffic if done correctly, and therefore corresponding conversions.

Who does Digital Lookout provide marketing (and therefore ROI analysis) for?

We’re proud to offer marketing expertise to construction companies across the whole supply chain, from architects to main contractors.

Will I receive a marketing report from Digital Lookout as well as ROI analysis?

As far as we’re concerned, ROI analysis is just a part of the reporting process – we’re committed to providing you with the full picture on a regular basis.

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