Sales and revenue analytics

If you want to achieve your sales goals month after month, year after year, then guesswork and intuition aren’t the way forward – you need the facts. That’s what we’re proud to offer with our construction revenue analytics and sales reporting, which tells you where sales are working hard, and where income is found lacking.

What is sales and revenue analytics?

Sales and revenue analytics is a deep dive into your sales performance to understand what streams are profitable, and gain insight into trends in customer spending in relation to your brand specifically. These trends can then influence future marketing activities, and help form projections that you can rely on.

What’s the difference between sales and revenue?

Sales are what a company makes from customers investing in the goods and services it offers. Revenue is what the entire business generates before its expenses are taken into account.

Why is sales and revenue analytics important in construction?

To improve your sales effectiveness and make informed data-backed decisions, you need to understand and analyse the data. This way, marketing budgets can be better spent, and revenue projections can be accurately made through the patterns picked up in data analysis.

What are the benefits of effective revenue and sales analytics?

Helps you make decisions on your products and services

By analysing what areas of your business are generating money and how allows you to see what’s worth putting time, effort and, of course, money behind – and what isn’t.

Enables you to accurately predict future sales and revenue

By identifying trends and patterns, you can have a reasonable idea of what to expect in the future.

Informs your marketing campaigns

When you know where customers that spend money are finding you, you can place more emphasis on these channels in your marketing strategy, helping your team achieve even better results going forward.

Our approach

At Digital Lookout, our experts pair collaboration between your team and ours with cold hard data to capture all the necessary information needed to analyse your performance and ensure marketing and sales efforts are producing a significant return on investment. And guess what? We can track ROI too! We offer a full-package reporting service to our construction marketing clients, working with brands across the supply chain to maximise their budgets, and improve their sales and revenue.

Why choose Digital Lookout for construction sales and revenue reporting?

The first difference that you experience immediately with The Digital Lookout is our specialism – we live and breathe the construction industry. With the wealth of knowledge that we’ve gained in our sector combined with our experience in running successful marketing campaigns, we’re a force to be reckoned with, and a valuable tool in the belt of all of our clients.

The second difference is our no-nonsense, no-jargon approach to both marketing, and reporting. We’re not here to bamboozle you or your customers, just match your audience with a brand they can trust, and put the success of your business on an upward trajectory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to see how my marketing is affecting the money my business is making?

We produce digital marketing reports that show the clear correlation between our efforts, and the revenue it’s generating for your business.

What areas of construction do you work within? 

We’re proud to offer construction sales analytics across the supply chain, which means we can work with the likes of architects, consultants and environmental services, as well as main contractors, sub contractors, and building product providers.

Can The Digital Lookout help my construction business generate more money? 

Yes! It’s what we do best, through various marketing channels for our customers. This includes social media campaigns, SEO, email marketing, direct marketing and traditional advertising – we’ve got the knowledge and experience to really pack a punch with your marketing, which will directly reflect in your sales figures.

How do you gain an understanding of how well sales are going? 

We set up a line of communication with your sales teams where we can, so we can understand the impact of our marketing campaigns as it happens. Of course, this works alongside marketing analytics tools, which dive deep into your website to understand where online enquiries are coming from.

Can you help us form projections with the sales and revenue reporting you do? 

Yes, we’re happy to help your business plan for the future and hit its sales goals with the data we generate from our sales and revenue reporting.

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