The Digital Lookout? Nah, never heard of them

14 Jul 2021  |  News
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Well, of course you haven’t, we’re a brand spanking new agency on the block in the world of digital marketing.

You might have heard of one of the mighty duo leading the charge though. Sharon’s been around said block a few times (in the nicest way), she knows her stuff and has more than enough experience and knowledge under her belt to turn around any lacklustre marketing strategy. Or maybe you know Connor? His shirts are louder than he is. You can’t miss him, and you definitely won’t forget him. He’s a super nerd/geek/tech head and as inquisitive as they come. If he can’t solve your technical dilemma and find ways to prove what’s not working, why, and what will work for your business in the digital marketing landscape, it’s probably not going to happen.

So, what is The Digital Lookout, or TDL for short? What do we do, and what do we stand for?

If you’re reading this, you’re either one of our valued supporters (thank you) or you’re on the ‘lookout’ (no apologies for the pun) for a digital marketing resource. Either way, the first thing you should know is that we’re straight up. We don’t mince our words; we don’t talk marketing fluff and blindly lead you into an expensive ride which will result in no more than pretty pictures and reporting charts that you don’t understand. We don’t see the value in working incognito. 1 million impressions? That sounds awesome – but what the hell does it mean, and more importantly, when will I see sales off the back of those ‘impressions’?

We say it as we see it. We’re honest and upfront about what we can do for you. We get a kick out of seeing the results from what we do. We don’t hide behind spuriously reported numbers, we only get excited about seeing sales increase and proper return on our efforts.

You may know you need marketing, but in our experience it’s an investment most businesses begrudge, because all too often, you can’t quantify any tangible results from it. It’s all well and good looking pretty (in a brand sense) but a pretty face will only get you so far. That’s where we make a point of being different. If we can’t prove it’s bringing in more business for you, we don’t do it.

From creating content, to nurturing leads and exploring new channels, there’s not much we don’t do. We ‘lookout’ (yep, again), for the best opportunities to bring in new audiences and new customers.

We stand for honesty. We’re confident about our abilities because they’re proven. We make that difference that changes your perception about what marketing can really do.

We’re proud of being a bit in your face. Because who ever made a difference by being quiet and reserved?

You may not have heard the name TDL before, but you will…… Lookout! We’re going to be big in digital.

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82% of our clients have come to us from another marketing agency because, and we quote, ‘generic marketing agencies don’t get construction’.

As a construction marketing agency we fully understand the construction industry and our know-how, industry insights, and expertise can help you attract leads from the people you want to work with.

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