Software development

We all know the world is becoming more digital, more automated, and more intelligent. An increasing number of businesses are looking for software to improve their efficiencies, enhance their customers’ experience and generate more profit.

From real-time cost management solutions to clash detection and 3D modelling software, we understand where the industry is going and how to build the tools required to support the ever-changing needs of those that serve it.

Experienced in research and planning, agile design, user experience and user interface as well as launch and support, we know automation is the way forwards and encourage businesses to do things differently for the benefit of the entire supply chain.

What is software development?

Software development refers to the creation of intuitive computer programmes that can automate and streamline previously manual tasks, digitising them and making them easier to do, and far more straightforward to track and record.

Why is software development important for construction businesses?

If there’s an industry that clings to pen and paper tighter than any other, it’s ours: construction. And we get it – not only is this the way it’s always been done, it’s also natural as an industry that relies on getting hands-on. However, technology moving at a speed that’s making the old-school obsolete, and software development shows us that there are easier ways to do things, saving time, money, and effort.

Everything from project management, design, and procurement to training, safety, and HR can all be revolutionised through custom software development for the construction industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to much of the software development that was planned for the construction industry back in 2020, but as the world moves on from it, we’re committed to being front runners in bringing the construction industry firmly into the 21st century.

Construction software development

Project management solutions

Let’s be honest, whatever you’re trying to achieve is going to fall apart without excellent project management, but there’s only so much that even the most talented project manager can do without the right tools to help them.

Project management software allows project managers to streamline their processes, aiding and automating communication, resource and budget allocation, risk management, process tracking, task assignment, cost estimations and more.

Clash detection

Conflicts in your design are going to cause big problems later if they’re not addressed, and often only computer software can flag it up. From here, you can manage these clashes and track resolutions, to ensure nothing comes back to bite you.

3D modelling

3D models of assets can be invaluable to finalising designs, getting sign off and buy-in, and producing high-quality CGI imagery. However good you are with crayons, you’re no match for 3D construction modelling software that’s designed specifically for the construction industry.

Cost management

No doubt you live and die by the budget limitations for your project, and keeping a close eye on expenditure is a must – and you’ll need more than a spreadsheet to do it effectively and prevent overspending from impacting that bottom line.

Areas we can provide software development for

Project conception, design, and pre-construction

Including software to help you:

  • Create proposal docs
  • Put together 3D models and realistic CGI visualisations
  • Plan layouts
  • Manage bids

Construction and construction project management

Including software to help you:

  • Manage subcontractors
  • Track budgets
  • Allocate time and resource
  • Manage HR and payroll
  • Complete risk assessments
  • Remain compliant
  • Manage inspections
  • Identify hazards


Including software to help you:

  • Manage warranty documents
  • Complete snagging
  • Produce reports

Why choose The Digital Lookout?

By using our industry experience to niche down and serve only construction brands, we’ve got a thorough working knowledge of what it means to work across the construction supply chain, so our software dev can best reflect your needs.

The Digital Lookout team aren’t ones to sit back and be complacent – remaining at the forefront of construction tech goes beyond marketing for us, spreading to the very processes you use that can transform your working day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your construction industry software be easy to use? 

Yes! We know it’s not always easy to navigate technology, so we can simplify the software to make it do what it says on the tin.

Can your construction software development harness the use of AI? 

In many instances AI can definitely help us make our software even more useful, yes.

What types of construction brands can you help develop software with? 

The Digital Lookout works across the whole supply chain, so whether it’s for architects or materials suppliers, we can help develop software that addresses specific pain points.

Will you be on hand to help with software support? 

Of course, we won’t get you up and running only to abandon you – we’ll continue to work with you to resolve any issues and make the software the best it can be.

Can you help with end-to-end project management solutions?

Yes! If you need a one stop shop, we can help.

Can you develop software that works on mobiles too? 

We can indeed – even when you’re on site, you’ll have the tools you need right there in your pocket.

Can you integrate external data sources into your software development? 

Yes, we can work on integrating third-party data sources into our software development to achieve a seamless working process.

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