Advanced CGI and visual effects production

In the digital world we live in, more and more businesses are turning to CGI to see their ideas come to life; in fact, you’re doing your project a huge disservice if you don’t. Whether it’s a product innovation, a drawing or design, or a customer experience initiative, your stakeholders, contractors, and customers want to see what the end result will look like – and they want to see it now.

Using advanced CGI and visualisation techniques, The Digital Lookout turns your products and CAD assets into computer generated imagery and 3D animation that sells. Using the benefit of our industry experience, we’re able to help in a way generic marketing agencies just can’t.

What is CGI and visual effects?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery, otherwise known as computer aided design, and modern methods mean that 3D graphics of buildings, people and landscapes that look like a photo or video are easily produced by those that know what they’re doing.

We’re talking Grand Designs here, not James Bond; you know those lifelike mock ups used in construction and architecture to demonstrate what a project will look like once it’s finished? That’s what we mean by CGI and visual effects – the clever lifestyle imagery that really breathes life into what is otherwise just a set of blueprints and a pile of materials.

What are the benefits of construction CGI and visual effects?

It sells your stuff

This is the biggie; whether you’re appealing to clients, investors, authorities, or the end customer, CGI imagery can be used across presentations and marketing materials to embed your design into their imaginations. A wow factor is going to be far more likely to get a signature on the dotted line than a simple description.

Start marketing sooner

Who wants to wait until the project’s finished to start selling? Not you! Realistic CGI means your customers will know what they’re getting before it’s even a thing, so it means you can start selling units ASAP.

It’s easily modified

Design changed? No problem – the graphics can be tweaked to reflect the alterations, keeping the assets as true to the end result as possible.

Identify design flaws

CGI means you can explore layouts and aesthetics without the costly mistakes involved in steaming ahead with building.

It can be repurposed

If you do lots of similar projects, CGI gets you bang for your buck in the sense that it can be changed to suit your latest design.

How can The Digital Lookout help you utilise CGI and visual effects?

CGI imagery for new products and customer experiences

Whether you’re building new homes or fitting out a shop, good CGI makes you forget that you’re not looking at real photographs, getting the buy-in of clients, investors, and customers alike. Our interior and exterior graphics are cleverly created to include lifestyle elements that really place your audience within your designs.

CGI for videos

In many cases, stills are no longer enough; we have social media to thank for that. So, if you can’t beat them, join them, and level up with CGI for videos; we can help with that too! We use visualisation techniques to craft a video using CGI that wins and wows.

3D animations

Walkthroughs, tours, and stage-by-stage design graphics, 3D animations can bring some depth into your presentations, allowing whoever’s looking to really appreciate how it all comes together.

Renders of architectural buildings

Specific construction-related services are our bag, so of course we can do renders of architectural buildings too, from aerial 3D rendering to interior and exterior renders, as well as floor plans.

Our approach

What you’ll get to know about us here at The Digital Lookout is that we’re not ones to overcomplicate things; we prefer just getting stuck in to get you the best results possible. Therefore, our approach to producing stunning CGI for your project involves thoroughly understanding both your needs and the project requirements, and pairing top tech with members of our team who know what they’re doing with it to create exactly what you need.

No weird lighting or silly camera angles here, just solid, realistic imagery that you can rely on.

Sectors we work in


Our homes are our castles, so they say, and we work across the residential supply chain, from architects to main and sub-contractors, to make sure those looking to buy-in can see themselves as the King or Queen.

Commercial buildings

Design and construction on a large scale needs clear, high-quality imagery if you want buyers to put their money where their mouths are. The Digital Lookout has got your back.

Shopping centres

They can be complex, and you need every corner considered; we move beyond a mock-up to create a CGI version of your shopping centre that gets the approval of those funding, facilitating, and, ultimately, using it.


It can be trickier to turn the concept of big industrial spaces into actuality in the mind’s eye of stakeholders, but modern CGI is up to the job – and so are we.

Why choose The Digital Lookout?

We don’t muck about; what you’ll get from us when we work on advanced CGI for you is a team that thoroughly understands your vision and works with you relentlessly until it’s exactly what you need. We take the time to find out the ins and outs of your project, so that we can reflect them in professional CGI graphics, videos and animations that will help you stand out from the competition.

The Digital Lookout specialises in the construction industry, so you can rest assured that you’re teaming up with a digital partner that fully appreciates how you work and what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me market my product with the CGI images you create? 

Yep, we sure can – we specialise in marketing for the construction industry, so whether you want to hit socials with your renders, or you need support with a tender proposal, marketing for construction is our thing, so you can rely on us beyond the CGI.

Can your team work from CAD drawings? 

We can – another benefit of working with construction specialists.

How much does CGI cost? 

The cost of the image, video or animation creation will vary project to project, but don’t worry, we’re nothing if not upfront, so you’ll get an honest quote from us.

Why choose an agency that specialises in construction? 

Fancy a load of fluff with your marketing? We thought not! Choosing an agency that specialises in this vast industry means that we’ll ‘get’ your vision far quicker than anyone else, meaning that, in the case of CGI, you can meet your deadlines with high quality imagery.

What construction brands do you work with?

We offer our services across the construction supply chain, so we’ll work with anyone from architects and consultants to contractors, subcontractors and building services.

Can you visit site? 

Of course, we love getting out and about, though you’re more than welcome to visit us in Kent if it works better for you.

Can your imagery be accessed in different formats? 

Yes – whether it’s in a PDF document or on your website, everyone will be able to look at what you’re proposing.

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