Marketing isn’t a formula

21 Sep 2021  |  News
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“We need to do some marketing. Does anyone know anything about marketing here? Kieran? He’s young, he must know about social media. Can he find us some new customers on Facebook? What about TikTok? Everyone’s using that these days.”

In this case, poor Kieran gets lumped with the job of trying to find new customers on social media. He may have been spending a few hours a day on his own social channels, ‘liking’ his mates’ holiday pics, sharing memes and making plans for the weekend but does he know how to market a business? Very unlikely.

Worse still is the Sales Director who has no marketing team or marketing experience himself but knows that investing in marketing can bring him more leads, so he gives himself the title of Sales and Marketing Director, employs someone with no experience, and asks them to deliver marketing to his plans (things he’s seen someone else do and thinks will work for him too).

Yes, sorry – here we are, getting on our soapbox again because there are some people out there who still think that marketing is little more than putting pictures up on social media, printing brochures and ordering fancy branded giveaways. We’ve met far too many people over the years who think marketing results are delivered via magic wand and that they just have to jump on the bandwagon to get results.

Please people – marketing is not that simple. It’s not rocket science obviously, but you can’t expect to get results without experience either. Yes, anyone can create content and push it out on social media. There are 12-year-olds the world over doing it! But… business marketing is only successful when it’s well researched, planned and delivered with experience, knowledge and expertise in using the various tools available to create content and analyse how it’s performed.

You don’t get results from marketing just by spending money on it. Your investment in marketing should start by creating a clear strategy which targets the right people, in a way that appeals to them. The more time you spend carrying out marketplace and competitor research before creating and then constantly developing your strategy (or strategies), the more opportunities you create to sell.

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