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04 Feb 2022  |  News
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You might be like most business owners, with a limited marketing budget wanting to make sure every penny is well spent.

Well guess what? Marketing isn’t formulaic and any agency who tells you it is, is lying. Having worked at a number of different agencies, we’ve got experience in how the majority of them work. Nine times out of ten, a prospect or lead comes in, and it’s categorised straight away; ‘this is just like such and such client we worked on last year’, or ‘we can reversion what we used for so and so client’.

Why do agencies do this? Truth is they’re greedy. They want to get more proposals out there, more contracts signed, and more money through the door.

You’ve heard of high staff turnover, right? Well, many agencies have high client turnover. Why? Because they promise the earth without actually understanding the business’ objectives and then as it turns out, they can’t deliver what they say they will. They don’t understand what a clients’ ‘sweet spot’ is in terms of sales, nor do they understand the difference in the type of customer their client has, let alone how to engage them and what channels to use to do so.

Therefore, more often than not, they go out with a generic marketing message to try and capture as many people as possible. This equates to an increase in website traffic, enabling them to show off their fancy stats reports, but this has absolutely zero effect on sales and the overall business objectives – the main reason that you bought a marketing agency in to begin with!

You eventually get fed up and resign to the fact that ‘marketing doesn’t work for my business’.


Marketing done right has been proven to grow businesses all over the world; a great example of this in 2022 is Gymshark. They are absolutely smashing it. And why? Because they planned their marketing in line with their business objectives. They understood who they were talking to, they had great awareness of their position in the market, the tone of voice needed to engage the market, used platforms that their audience use, resonated with this audience, and solved the problems they experienced with other brands. They had a laugh, made themselves memorable and were honest and transparent about the process.

What did they do differently? Why did it work for them when others had tried and failed? They did their research first. They didn’t just go out there, firing off ad-hoc marketing campaigns in an attempt to build traction.

The lesson here? There are no quick wins in marketing without the research to back them up.

When was the last time you asked yourself the following questions?

  • Why are you ‘doing marketing’? What’s the overall goal?
  • What does good marketing look like to you?
  • If you could get more customers, who would they be?
  • Which of your customers would you clone, time and time again? What do they look like?
  • What are your competition doing? And why do you envy them?
  • Who is taking business away from you? And why do your prospects choose them?
  • What is your target market(s)? And does your tone of voice speak to them?
  • What are your potential customers looking for? What’s important to them? And are you ticking their boxes?
  • Do your sales and marketing teams have a clear vision of where your business is going?
  • Is your marketing team working in a silo on a specific area of marketing without consideration of other routes to market?
  • Are you producing content and messages that your audience care about or are you just spamming them, hoping one day they’ll take note? Or worse still, are you ‘doing marketing’ just because your competition are?
  • Does your marketing strategy align to your business strategy? Heck, do you even have a marketing strategy? (Pssst… what actually is a marketing strategy?)
  • Do you have a content schedule and comms plan to ensure you’re actioning what was discussed in the last three hour ‘marketing meeting’?

Don’t feel deflated after reading that. You’re not alone.

The point is, these are the kinds of questions marketing agencies should be asking before putting any proposal in your direction. After all, if they don’t know the answers to these questions, how do they know how to market your business without completely wasting your time and money?

So, long story short – if you’re about to outsource your marketing and the agency puts a proposal across to you after just an hour long Zoom call, chances are, they won’t meet your expectations or achieve what you’re hoping they’ll achieve.

They might be able to talk the talk, but can they walk the walk without in-depth analysis and research of your business? Our experience says not.

And this is just a friendly ‘heads up’ to save you time, money and a few grey hairs in the long run.

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