Marketing your business in a way that attracts the best employees

28 Mar 2023  |  News
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Everyone knows it costs a lot to recruit new people. It’s a cost that most business owners can stomach when the recruitment is required because they’re growing. But, when the recruitment need is to replace someone who’s decided to leave your business, then it’s a bitter pill to swallow. Just think how much more it’s costing you to recruit, than it would’ve been to retain…

Last issue we wrote about company culture and investing in your workplace to provide more than just the required minimum for your people: to make it a working environment they want to get out of bed for. But how do we attract the best employees in the first place?

First impressions count. No one would dispute this fact. So, if you want to attract the right applicants, you need to think about how your business ‘looks’ online. Because no one ever scoped out a potential employer by driving past their offices (or at least, not until after they’d already scoped out their website, their socials, and their people).

If your website looks tired and hasn’t been updated in a long time, guess what a potential employee is going to think about your company? If your ‘About Us’ page doesn’t feature real people, or it does, but no one’s smiling in their pictures, you’re giving out a message that you’re not a very welcoming bunch. Can you blame them for not wanting to apply?

The good news? All these things can quite easily be rectified, with a photoshoot and some back-end web development.

Next, think on to how you promote your vacancies. A job ad can be a list of requirements, responsibilities and qualifications required for the role. But is that all you want? Someone with no personality, as long as they can get the job done? A job ad is a piece of marketing. It should be written to attract the right audience by promoting your business culture, your company values, and your workplace. The right audience is a person who fits with your company. If you get applicants with the right personality, as well as the experience/skillset you need, you won’t be wasting time carrying out as many ‘bad’ interviews or inducting someone into your business who isn’t going to work out because they don’t ‘fit in’.

So, inject some personality into your job ad! We don’t mean make it jokey and fun. We mean make it ‘sound like’ your business. Is your business, and therefore your workplace ‘professional’, ‘relaxed’, ‘upbeat’ or something else? The more you can get across your company personality and workplace culture in your job ad, the better chance you’ll have of receiving applications from those people who will be a ‘fit’.

Talk about what kind of personality you’re looking for, other than just seeking out experience and skillset. Talk about what will and won’t wash in your company. Talk about what makes your company different.

Don’t know where to start? Guess what? This is all marketing. Being aware of your company brand and your identity, is where you start.

Lastly, in the interview, make sure you get to know them, as best you can. Find out who they are and what they want. It’s a relationship you’re looking to build here, so look for their personality to confirm that all-important fit. As long as they’ve got the personality for your business, and the right attitude, you can teach the rest.



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