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07 Jan 2023  |  News
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Company culture is a key asset for any business to promote. To win new business, retain customers and, what is becoming more and more important in today’s world of work, to attract and retain the best talent for your team.

Gone are the days when a business can just wave a flag and shout about what their values and points of difference are. Anyone can talk the talk, it’s how you walk the walk that matters. So how do you start to create great company culture?

In the construction industry, businesses have one commonality when it comes to their service delivery. Whether consultant, contractor, sub-contractor, or building product manufacturer they are all looking to create places and spaces that meet the needs and wants of the people that occupy them. Human beings. Businesses in every other industry can learn a lot from the construction industry’s objectives and standards when it comes to considering the needs and wants of the people who occupy the buildings and places they create.

Health and wellbeing appear in the brief and objectives of every building being constructed in today’s world, whether residential or commercial, and quite rightly so. For too long we’ve built for speed, for necessity, and now we are realising we need to build for people, and for our planet.

They say you can tell how much a business cares about its people by the standard of their washrooms. But that’s just one area of welfare. In this day and age, in a world where so many were ‘spoiled’ by their individually comfort controlled workspaces at home during Covid, businesses need to offer a lot more to keep their employees coming into the office and ultimately, within their workforce. In fact, what some businesses refer to as benefits, are actually considered to be basic human living conditions by England’s building regulation standards. If you want to treat your people in ways better than ‘basic’, you need to think about them as individuals, not a workforce. Think about the comforts they enjoyed whilst working from home and the potential to introduce more choice into the workplace.

Hygiene, temperature, ventilation, lighting, general comfort conditions and the overall environment quality provided, are fundamental to our satisfaction within a building, as well as our ongoing health.

Changes could be as simple as introducing more plants to the working environment, changing your lighting system to warm coloured LEDs, or upgrading any outdoor space you have available to you. We direct our clients to the WELL Building Standard for inspiration and in some cases the ‘WELL’ accreditation for commercial buildings.

The International WELL Building Institute spend all day, every day acting as advocates for the premise of occupant health and wellbeing; to prioritise a businesses’ people, and in turn maximise real estate value and optimise the human and social capital performance of the business. Their WELL Building Standard applies the science of physical and social environments to benefit the health, wellbeing and performance of a business’ people.

Implementing design and change to create healthy and wellbeing conscious spaces to the ‘WELL Building Standard’ provides the foundations for great company culture through proven overall occupant satisfaction increase of nearly 30%, occupant perceived wellbeing score increases of 26% and reported mental health improvement of 10%.

A workplace which invests in promoting the health and wellbeing of its people will be rewarded with those people being more productive and having increased pride in being part of the business. Doesn’t that sound like a company culture you want?

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