Strategy and Planning

All too often we see businesses throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks in terms of marketing activity. Ultimately, they’re wasting both time and money.

You don’t get results from marketing just by spending money on it. Facts. Your investment in marketing should start with research which then allows you to create a clear strategy for targeting the right people, in a way that appeals to them. This allows you to be pro-active and reactive, at the same time.

The more time you spend researching, then creating and developing your strategy (or strategies), the more opportunities you create to bring in new business.

We also work with your sales team, to ensure we fully understand their targets and the objections and issues they face. Our aim is not only to bring in new business enquiries, but to ensure your sales process and sales support materials are aligned to all your marketing efforts and your brand personality, ultimately, increasing the bottom line.

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82% of our clients have come to us from another marketing agency because, and we quote, ‘generic marketing agencies don’t get construction’.

As a construction marketing agency we fully understand the construction industry and our know-how, industry insights, and expertise can help you attract leads from the people you want to work with.

We’re straight-shooting, results-gaining, construction marketing know-it-alls who can help take your online presence to the next level. Let’s have a chat.