You won’t find any jargon on our website except from here The Layman’s Glossary of Marketing Terms (for those that are interested in marketing jargon)!

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    Marketing ensures the best positioning and promotion of your business so that you constantly gain new leads and nurture them. Salespeople turn leads into business.

    I’m sure you’d agree that all businesses need both sales and marketing people to grow or maintain their market position. What many people overlook however, is the fact that the two should work closely together, regularly communicating. All too often we hear of rogue salespeople, not sharing their secrets to success, both with others in the sales team, or with marketing. Ultimately, what they’re holding back is information that will help to inform your marketing efforts and therefore the generation of leads.

    When we integrate ourselves within a business, one of our main goals is to work closely with the sales team. It’s not a one-way relationship, ultimately, we’re both interested in what our customers want and what our competition are doing. Putting all our heads together and sharing our knowledge on a regular basis reaps constant rewards. In fact, a close relationship between your sales and marketing people is essential for businesses that want to boost profits, increase their market share and build towards a successful future.


      Defining Marketing Objectives

      The key point for us to make here is that you can’t define your marketing objectives without first having set your overall business objectives.

      Strategy Planning and Creation

      If a thorough and transparent research effort has taken place, this is the easy bit! This is ultimately where you record all your knowledge and segment your focus, across different targets and objectives.