You won’t find any jargon on our website except from here The Layman’s Glossary of Marketing Terms (for those that are interested in marketing jargon)!

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    Building a digital
    strategy that works.

    All too often we see businesses throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks in terms of marketing activity. Ultimately, they’re wasting both time and a lot of cash.

    You don’t get results from marketing just by spending money on it. Your investment in marketing should start by creating a clear strategy which targets the right people, in a way that appeals to them. The more time you spend creating and developing your strategy (or strategies), the more opportunities you create to sell.

    This is where we put all that research about your customers and marketplace in to use. Aligning with your business objectives, a marketing strategy should incorporate both the needs of your market and of your business.

    We also work with your sales team, to ensure we fully understand their targets and the objections and issues they face. Our aim is not only to bring in new customers, but to ensure your sales process and sales support materials are aligned to all your marketing efforts and your brand personality.

    How do we define your marketing objectives? They are the efforts and actions needed to meet your overall business objectives. For example, if your objective for the next year is to double your turnover, then your marketing objectives might be to identify new routes to market and increase awareness of your brand within existing routes. Or, if your objective is to increase your online sales conversion rates, this might require improving your website’s user experience or bringing in better website traffic through targeted advertising. Your marketing objectives are unique to your business. Marketing is not a standard process and there is no formula.

    Depending on your business, there may be the need for multiple strategies, to accommodate different markets, distribution routes or product ranges for example. Regardless of the scale or type of business, a comprehensive and thoroughly considered marketing strategy is fundamental to success.

    We’re straight up. 

    We don’t talk marketing fluff and blindly lead you into an expensive ride which will result in no more than pretty pictures and reporting charts that you don’t understand.