You won’t find any jargon on our website except from here The Layman’s Glossary of Marketing Terms (for those that are interested in marketing jargon)!

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    Researching the
    hell out of your market.

    Marketing is more than just promoting your product or service. It’s all about communication, delivering the right messages, to the right people, at the right time.

    First things first, who are the right people? Who are your current customers? Why do they buy from you? Who are your competitors’ customers and why don’t they buy from you instead?

    We get to this level of knowledge by first ensuring we understand your business model and objectives, both short and long-term. Then we carry out a marketing audit, analysing everything you’ve done to date, what’s worked, what’s not worked, how your customers behave on your website, how that compares to the competition, and much more. Your customer and sales data is a honeypot of information, we love to dig into it and learn more about your customers’ habits and buying experience. We utilise any data we can find, it’s the backbone for our creativity.

    A full and in-depth marketplace assessment is fundamental to any marketing strategy. This includes competitor analysis, data analysis, media consumption and website user metrics. To know what kind of marketing channels and messaging you need to attract new business, you need to have a thorough understanding of your market, and therefore an appreciation of what messages they need to convert them into customers, and where and when to communicate those messages.

    We find the answers to all these questions, often solving business problems along the way, and identify how to approach the best channels for your targets. Or rather, the channels which will reach the right people.

    Only then can we confidently create a marketing strategy with fresh and effective ideas to change behaviour, interact with consumers, and drive profits through marketing.

    Tried and tested marketeers.

    We’re confident about our abilities because they’re proven. We make that difference that changes your perception about what marketing can really do.