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    Sharon Bowles
    Like many marketeers, Sharon started her career in advertising. She spent more than 10 years working at Sky selling TV airtime and sponsorships, and a year in Australia selling outdoor media.

    Working with media planners and media owners, she developed her passion for targeted messaging and brand positioning (she hates waste). She’s since worked across many disciplines of marketing, continually broadening her experience and skillset, so that there’s not much she doesn’t know about multi-channel marketing delivery.

    Sharon loves to write content, whether that be technical copy or a campaign strapline. She’s a little bit obsessed with grammar, and a perfectionist. She’s also a spreadsheet fanatic, whether that be data or numbers, she’s an analyst through and through.

    Patience 0
    Telling jokes 0
    Spelling 0
    Data 0


    She loves to learn about each of the businesses she works with. She’ll ask a lot of questions and will want to know about every process involved. She doesn’t do anything half-heartedly.

    2 The Mews, High Street, Headcorn, Kent TN27 9NE

    +44 (0) 7510 074 940