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    Connor Styche

    Director/Chief Geek

    There’s no denying Connor’s a geek at heart. Having smashed 13 GCSEs and 6 A-Levels by the age of 16, his Dad wanted him to realise his potential of becoming an astronaut or a biochemist.

    Instead, he rebelled, and started on his career path into marketing. Having got a head start on the rest of us mere mortals, at the age of 26, he already has 10 years of experience behind him, but more importantly, he’s fluent in computer language, allowing him to be one step ahead of most marketeers in this digital age we live in.

    His technical abilities have seen him develop apps and write many a code but he’s happiest when he’s getting stuck into aligning sales and marketing strategies, and maximising return on marketing investment.

    From data analysis, meticulously planned strategies and transparent reporting, he’s a perfectionist, driven by proving that intelligent digital marketing works.

    Oh, and he’s not a bad golfer. Challenge him to a round if you dare!

    Comedy 0
    Golf 0
    Technology 0
    Inquisitive nature 0


    Be prepared for a very deep voice and a lot of questions. Connor loves to get to the bottom of any issue and solve people’s problems. He also likes to talk about golf a lot to fellow golfers, so if that’s you, give yourself extra time for a meeting with him!

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